Create an interactive presentation

Using the PresentersWall online presentation tool, your audience can vote, rate and ask questions using their own smartphone or tablet.

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Easy to use, maximum interaction.

1 Create your slides
Create your own interactive slides using the webinterface of PresentersWall.
2 Present your polls and statements to the audience
Connect your laptop and show your polls in PresentersWall.
3 Participants vote
Visitors can respond to polls and questions on your personal mobile webpage, using their smartphones.
4 Show real-time results
Show the results of the voting real-time in a bar chart, pie chart or tagcloud on screen.
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Interactive presentation

Looking to create audience participation in presentations? The PresentersWall voting app is the key to an interactive presentation. Create audience participation by having your audience vote, rate, ask questions and send reactions. The PresentersWall is an innovative replacement for the traditional voting machines and provides a clear insight in the opinion of your audience.

Your audience can easily take part in the interactive discussion by using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. By surfing to your personal URL, they can give in their answers and send questions or reactions. Audience participation guaranteed!

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